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Best automatic transmissions additives 2023

The best automatic transmission additives

You've probably heard, seen, or been offered somewhere automatic transmission additives. The same as the engine, your car's transmission needs lubrication in order to function properly, without friction, damage to gaskets and seals caused by heat.

However, you may also be wondering whether buying automatic transmission additives, if so, when you should be using them, and which ones to use. On this blog we will try solving all your questions on this topic.

Automatic Transmission Additives Features

Automatic transmission additives are specially formulated chemicals to be added to transmission fluid (ATF). Some of its features are:


Automatic transmission additive must be compatible with ATF.  Using an additive for manual transmission in an automatic gearbox has negative effects since they do not have the same requirements or working conditions. Therefore, it is important to consult the vehicle manufacturer's manual and the additive label to ensure that you will be getting the correct product for the transmission system.

Fluid Type

Transmission fluids can be natural or synthetic based. In the case of automatic transmission, synthetic fluids are the most used for the formulation of additives. Once again we emphasize the importance of consulting the manufacturer's manual as well as the label to make sure that the additive will be compatible with the ATF used by your vehicle.


The effectiveness of the additive is largely determined by its composition. Manufacturers use different raw materials to achieve product performance based on ATF and the type of vehicle compatible with it. Therefore, knowing the ingredients of the composition will help you choose a better additive for your automatic transmission.


Although there are currently many brands and formulations on the market, the best recommendation is always choosing recognized brands of additives, which have been formulated after years of research and experiments, since this is one of the main quality guarantees. Many consumers are tempted to buy cheaper additives, or big brand imitations at lower prices, but this could lead to damage to the transmission, which ends up costing more to repair.

Bottle size

The additive´s size bottle usually indicates the number of times the product can be used. Usually, ATF and lubricant additives only need to be used once because the components are affected by air oxidation and particulates entering the bottle.


Transmission additives have special formulations so that the raw materials together provide certain protection and characteristics of the ATF. For example, some additives have a higher concentration to reduce noise, prevent oxidation, or extend ATF life.


Automatic transmission additives are usually suitable for models of a certain range, and even for specific models. For this reason, when choosing additives you must make sure that they are suitable for your car since a bad choice can cause damage to the transmission that even voids the guarantee, or the service at the dealership.

Natural Additive

Natural additives are formulated for natural or mineral ATFs and their main purpose is to extend the useful life of the transmission.

Synthetic Additives

They are additives formulated with a high-tech synthetic base, so they will usually provide smooth and quiet changes, will protect against overheating, oxidation and foaming protecting the automatic transmission. They are compatible with synthetic ATFs.

Benefits of the Automatic Transmission Additives

  • Preventing and reducing transmission fluid loss
  • Preventing impurities from forming
  • Better temperature control to prevent overheating
  • Reducing the risk of ATF leaks.
  • Preventing oxidation and corrosion of the system.
  • Reducing transmission wear
  • Less noise and jolts
  • Extending transmission life

Best Automatic Transmission Additives

Where to buy the best additives for automatic transmission?

If after reading all this information you are convinced that additives are necessary for your automatic transmission, in the Sun Transmissions online store you will find a wide variety of additives with formulations suitable for ATF.

Browse our website to discover all the products we have to keep your automatic transmission working optimally. And if you need more information, write to us through the WhatsApp button, send us an email to or online chat.  We are always ready to assist you!

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