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How to fix P0974 trouble code

How Do You Fix a P0974 Trouble Code?

We all get a little nervous at the first sign of car trouble—especially if it turns out to be a transmission issue.  But that dreaded ECM message, with a P0974 trouble code, may or may not point to a serious problem.

What Does a P0974 Code Means?

When a P0974 shows up on a diagnostic, it means there’s something related to your car’s transmission fluid pressure sensor.   As the lifeblood of your transmission, fluid keeps the gears moving smoothly.  A  problem with it can mean several things:

  • Your transmission fluid is low, or it’s dirty (the least serious problem, and easy to fix)
  • There’s a malfunctioning electrical component
  • The shift solenoid, which controls the flow of transmission fluid, is damaged
  • You have a problem with the valve body, which is a potentially catastrophic situation

How Do I Know There’s a Problem?

There are several things that can tip you off to a P0974 trouble code.  The most obvious is problems with how the gears shift, both in manuals or automatics.  Jerkiness, delayed shifting, or being stuck in a gear are all indications.  There may also be noises you aren’t used to hearing, a noticeable reduction in fuel economy, engine overheating, or signs of transmission fluid leaks under the car.  One or more of these things should put you on alert status.

Fixing the Problem P0974 code

Once you know the particular issue, you and/or your mechanic can easily decide what to do.

  • In the case of low or dirty fluid, a transmission flush or adding fresh fluid is obviously the solution. It’s also a good future reminder to keep an eye on your fluid.
  • Some parts of your transmission, either electrical or mechanical, may need to be repaired or replaced.
  • The pressure sensor, or even the ECM, is giving false readings and needs to be replaced.

The worst-case scenario is that there is a catastrophic problem, meaning that your entire transmission needs a serious overhaul or needs to be replaced.  This is more common in older vehicles, but newer ones aren’t immune from it—it depends largely on the history of the vehicle and how well it’s been maintained.

Don’t Wait!

If you suspect a problem, get it checked out. And if you need some help, turn to Sun Transmissions for our expertise. We’ve got a full range of replacement parts and accessories to meet whatever your automatic transmission needs: switches to overhaul kits, maybe a power steering pump rebuild kit, an automatic transmission clutchor an automatic transmission connector, solenoid parts, and everything in between. Reach out to us today to keep your transmission running smoothly.

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