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 Repair a Leaking Transmission Coolant

How to Detect and Repair a Leaking Transmission Coolant: A Guide

Most car owners understand the significance of regularly checking their transmission fluid, but equally crucial is the coolant that maintains the transmission’s optimal performance.

The Role of Transmission Coolant

Transmissions heat up as the car operates. To prevent overheating, coolant circulates from the radiator to the transmission, where it swaps the hot fluid for cooler fluid. This exchange occurs via a coolant line, which can be rubber or metal.

Over time, a rubber line may dry, crack, and eventually leak. Even metal lines can fatigue and spring a leak. A compromised gasket, nozzle, or other components can also wear out and start dripping fluid. Whatever the cause, interrupted coolant flow to your transmission spells trouble.

Identifying a Transmission Coolant Leak

Your vehicle has several indicators that signal a coolant leak. Engine overheating is a glaring sign, often preceded by grinding noises during gear shifts or abnormal “hard” shifting. You might also discover evidence on your garage floor or driveway; coolant usually has a blue-green hue and will drip between the transmission and the radiator. Unlike engine oil, coolant is water-based and may darken as it ages.

The Cost of Repairing a Leaking Transmission Coolant

Fortunately, catching a coolant leak early can save you from significant expenses. The cooling line itself and any necessary accessories typically cost well under $100. Most of the expense is tied to installation if performed by a professional mechanic. Generally, parts and labor shouldn’t exceed $500—a small price compared to the cost of repairing a severely damaged transmission.

Invest in Quality Transmission Parts

If you encounter a coolant leak, opting for high-quality components is the best preventative measure against future leaks. For top-notch transmission and power steering parts tailored to your car’s make and model, consider Sun Transmissions as your go-to source. We also have transmission bushing kits, solenoids, connectors, TSS partsautomatic transmission clutch and a lot more. Whether you’re a DIY mechanic or prefer professional service, we are ready to assist and can ship anywhere in the United States.

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