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Signs That The Transfer Case Output Shaft Seal Fail

Signs That The Transfer Case Output Shaft Seal Fail

When having a vehicle with an automatic transmission, we take many functions for granted: accelerating, shifting, parking, reversing. However, when one part fails, the entire system can fail, causing performance and fuel consumption problems. Today we will tell you what the most common failures in a transfer case output shaft seal are.

What is transfer case output shaft seal?

The transfer case output shaft seal is a component designed to transfer power movement from the drivetrain to the vehicle´s rear wheels. It is located inside the transmission case and has a seal.

However, over time and use, the shaft can harden and lose its flexibility. As the vehicle passes over large obstacles, such as bumps, the axle moves up and down with torsional and lateral vibrations, adding stress on the axle seal causing it to bend.

In this case, there could be some failures that make it relatively easy to identify the problem.

Signs of failure

  • Transmission fluid leaks. When the shaft seal deteriorates, there may be oil dripping from the gears.
  • Strange noises. When transmission fluid leaks, the metal components of the transmission rub against each other, causing noise or screeching.
  • Loss of traction on the wheels. Leaking fluid can cause the car to lose four-wheel drive, which can be very dangerous if it happens when driving at high speeds or on the highway.
  • Difficulty changing gear. Axle seals besides preventing lubricant leaks, they also influence the vehicle's ability to shift gears. Therefore, when there´s damage to the shaft or its seals and fluid begins to leak, the transmission could have difficulty shifting.

How to solve the problem?

Fortunately, this problem is relatively simple as if there is a transmission fluid leak you will see a reddish or brown stain under your car. In that case, you should take the car to a mechanic right away to replace the seal or shaft, depending on which component was damaged.

If this fault is not repaired in time, the transmission components can dry out, wear out or break in a very short time.

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