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Transmission Valve Bodies: Rebuild or Replace?

Transmission Valve Bodies: Rebuild or Replace?

As any Mechanic will tell you, the brain of the transmission is the Valve Body. So, when something goes wrong with the transmission, the question quickly becomes: “Do I rebuild it or replace it.”

If cost is an issue, you might want to rebuild it. Of course, your being able to do so is highly dependent upon the miles already logged by the transmission; the greater the mileage, the less feasible it is to rebuild it.

The alternative, being to replace it, is slightly more expensive, but sometimes necessary. If the option of rebuilding proves unavailable, then one might have no choice but to replace it.

One of the main components of an automatic transmission is the valve body. The cost of replacing the Transmission Valve Body can run anywhere from $390 to $860 with parts ranging $250 to $500. Also, depending upon whether one has a dealership or an independent garage perform the task, labor alone can be from $140 to $360 per hour.

In either case, one must be certain that the problem is with the Transmission Valve Body. The valve body has many components for it to function properly. One of the main issues with modern valve bodies are the transmission solenoids.

There are six reasons to consider either replacing or rebuilding the transmissions. These are:
    1. Harsh or delayed “Garage” shifts
    2. Incorrect shifting
    3. Shift flares (i.e. when the engine increases on an upshift,)
    4. Banging or knocking sounds
    5. Gear slippage
    6. Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) on.

In contrast, the three signs of solenoid problems are:

    1. Unpredictable Gear Shifts
    2. Inability to Downshift
    3. Delays in Shifting.

It is important to recognize the differences in these.

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