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Four Symptoms of a Bad Neutral Safety Switch

Four Symptoms of a Bad Neutral Safety Switch

We all like to be safe when we get behind the wheel of a car. One of the things that protects us from accidents is a correctly-functioning neutral safety switch.

Developed in the late 1950s, the neutral safety switch became a standard part of automobiles in the 1980s.  Installed in vehicles with automatic transmissions, the switch is located in the transmission case on in the linkage.  Its function is to keep a car from starting if it is in either the neutral (N) or park (P) positions.  In standard transmissions, a similar function is performed by a device on the clutch.  If the safety switch is not working, the engine can be started at a bad time, possibly causing the car to lurch forward dangerously when it should remain stationary.

Four Signs of a Bad Neutral Safety Switch

How do you know if your switch isn’t working properly?  Here are four telltale signs that something is wrong with it:

  1. The engine won’t start in P, but it will start in N, possibly because there is a battery problem or a malfunction in the starter.
  1. The engine won’t start in N, but it will start in P, a sign that there is may be a problem with a loose switch, or failure of some other part that will allow it to engage in the P gear;
  1. The engine won’t start in any position, which may mean there is no power getting to the starter, among other possible causes; and
  1. The engine will start in any gear, which it is clearly not supposed to do. This could be an indication that there is a short circuit somewhere in the transmission system.

Also, in some models, a bad neutral safety switch may be signaled by a “check engine” notification lighting up on the dash, sometimes with a specific message; this usually points to some type of electrical problem.   Of course, any time a message light appears on your car, you should check it out immediately.

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