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electronic power steering

Electronic power steering, everything you need to know

Currently, cars incorporate electronically assisted steering (EPS) to provide greater comfort to the driver, safer driving on the road and savings in fuel consumption. Today we will tell you everything you need to know about electronically assisted steering, what is it, how it works, the differences with hydraulic steering and the advantages of the system.

What is electronic power steering?

The electronically assisted steering is a mechanism that has an assistance circuit or servo control, which works by a vacuum or hydraulic pump driven by the vehicle's engine, which is usually electric. This pump works at the moment the steering wheel is turned and uses the electrical energy of the engine, which improves the vehicle's steering control to reduce the load on the engine, improving fuel efficiency.

How the system works

The EPS system's electric motor applies a torque to the column, or steering wheel mechanism, which helps the driver comfortably turn in one direction or another. The mechanism has sensors that detect the steering wheel´s position and changes of direction, making driving easier.
In addition to the above, a module collects information from the sensors to determine the assistance that the driver needs, but also uses data from the traction control system to have a more precise reading. The module will then send the data to the motor to provide the proper amount of rotation to turn.

With the electronically assisted steering, complex maneuvers such as making turns in a small radius require little effort from the driver, giving him more security and increasing the reaction time in the event of an unforeseen situation when driving on the road, or for example, in case a cyclist crosses in front of the vehicle.

Differences between Hydraulic Power Steering and Electronic Power Steering

Hydraulic steering is traditional, and can be said to be the basis of power steering. It works by the action of a hydraulic pump that sends the fluid towards the steering column and is activated when the vehicle's engine is running, whether or not the steering wheel is turning. For this reason, fuel consumption is higher.

Unlike electronically assisted steering, hydraulics requires more control of the car when driving and a great effort to maneuver when parking, or at low speeds. Another power steering feature is that it uses a fluid to intensify the force applied to turn the front wheels, so that turning the steering wheel applies pressure to the steering gear to turn the wheels.
The entire system depends on the flow of hydraulic fluid, so the more the wheel turns, the more fluid will flow into the cylinder and the more force will be applied to the wheels.

Advantages of an electronic power steering system

  • The electronically assisted steering system is lighter and more precise, which increases its efficiency.
  • They are less complex than hydraulic systems, so they are easier to manufacture and many more modern vehicles incorporate them.
  • Engine load decreases during vehicle operation, resulting in more efficient fuel consumption.
  • Compared to mechanical and hydraulic steering, the EPS allows savings of up to 90% of the energy used, in addition to reducing emissions of polluting gases such as CO2 into the environment.
  • Since the EPS is not directly dependent on the motor, if the motor stalls or fails, steering will not be affected.
  • The EPS system is designed to dampen vibrations that travel up the steering wheel or the steering column, so both the driver and passengers experience more comfort and less discomfort when going over unstable terrain, such as bumps or potholes.
  • Power steering gives the vehicle greater stability when driving at high speeds on the highway.
  • The driver has less difficulty maneuvering a vehicle with an EPS system, for example, parking in tight spaces, or making tight turns.

Now that you know everything about the electronically assisted steering system, we invite you to learn more in our blog about electronic power steering. In the Sun Transmission online automatic transmission parts store you will find the parts you need if your vehicle suffered serious damage, we have all kinds of spare parts, such as modulator valve transmissionautomatic transmission sensortransmission pan gasket or transmission overhaul kits. Browse our online store, and contact us through the online chat for more information and advice. We will gladly assist you.
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