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Know the power steering parts and what is their function

Know the power steering parts and what is their function

Power steering is one of the most important features of today's vehicles. It allows you to enjoy a smooth, safe and easy driving. Ideal for maneuvering on difficult terrain, avoiding unexpected obstacles on the road and having a better everyday experience with the use of the car. When it comes to safety, power steering is essential.

Keeping your vehicle in good condition requires knowing the parts that make it up. So today we will tell you what the power steering parts are, their functions and the power steering types.

Power steering systems types

The rack and pinion steering system

Currently, the steering rack system is the most widely used in medium and small cars because it has fewer components and is more reliable. This system uses gears to convert a circular motion into a linear one and performs a gear reduction to make maneuvering easier.

The conventional/integral steering gear system

Also known as the ball recirculation steering system. It is more complex than the previous one because it has more elements that are involved in its proper functioning. It works from the movement received by a worm screw located in the steering column. The gears allow the driver to make less effort when turning, and the balls fitted between the gears reduce friction and wear. It is the most used system in heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses. 

Power steering system parts

Power steering pump

It is the component that gives life to the direction since it moves the oil through the circuit so that the driver receives the necessary help to move his steering wheel. 

Steering column

It is the bar that connects the steering wheel with the rest of the steering components.

Control valve

Its function is to distribute the oil on the necessary side. That is, if the steering wheel turns to the left, the valve will take the oil to the left. 

Oil deposit

It is the place where the oil that is not needed to lubricate and move the steering is stored. 

Control unit 

It is responsible for managing the direction based on the force applied to the steering wheel, the speed at which the vehicle is traveling and the position of the wheels. For this a steering sensor is used. 

Rack and pinion

The rack and pinion steering system has a helical pinion that moves a grooved rack rod as it rotates to one side or the other. 

Endless screw

The ball steering system has a worm gear that rotates the steering roller. 

Power steering hoses

The hoses are part of the pump. Its function is to transport the fluid from the pump to the steering components. They are made of rubber to resist engine heat and power steering fluid, which is flammable and can cause fires if a leak develops. 

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