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One Way clutches what are they?

One Way clutches what are they?

Have you ever heard of them before? They are one way clutches that transfer torque in one direction and move freely in the opposite direction. When in neutral they have a low friction torque to avoid losses in the transmission system.

The one way clutch has been in use since 1982 in automatic transmission vehicles, especially in mid range and high end models to solve the problem of slippage caused by insufficient oil pressure due to low pump speed when the vehicle starts.

Types of One-Way Clutches

One way clutches are used for different industrial machinery and vehicles. The most common are:

Sprag Type One-Way Clutch

The sprag type one-way clutch is characterized in that its rotation is limited to one direction only. This is due to the parts called sprag, which are mounted between the upper and lower rings. Within the wide range of applications of these clutches is the automatic transmission of cars, and they are also found in helicopters due to the lower drag torque and their engagement performance.

Roller-Type One-War Clutch

The roller-type one-way clutch achieves robust torque transmission through cams that are uniquely shaped to fit the inside diameter of the outer ring. This clutch is used in automotive automatic transmissions where less drag torque is required.

Cam-Type One-Way Clutch

The Cam Type One Way Clutch uses springs and cams that are uniquely shaped to resist shock force and vibration in engine starting devices.

Tandem One-Way Clutch

The Tandem One-Way Clutch has two inputs and one output that are used as an automatic selector device on an oil pump input path.

Pawl-Type One-Way Clutch

The Pawl-Type One-Way Clutch is used to obtain high torque transmission capacity. It is characterized by the fact that it can be used without lubrication, being compact and having a non-contact free overdrive function.

One-Way Clutch Package

The One-Way Clutch package features an integrated structure with high-performance coupling parts and bearings to achieve the OWC (over run, back stop, index) functions required for industrial machinery.

How does one way clutches work?

The one way clutch is similar to a cylindrical roller bearing, but instead, it uses eight bearings asymmetrical figure, which are not rotatable, but allow rotation in only one direction.

When the unit rotates in one direction, the rollers slide freely. But when torque is applied in the opposite direction, the blades tilt slightly, producing a wedging action and friction binding.

The brackets are spring loaded on the pivots in order to ensure they lock with very little clearance when the transmission has been engaged.

One-Way Clutch applications

The One-way Clutch has been used in automatic transmissions since older models for synchronized engagement, where gear changes occur smoothly and safely.

Other applications of this piece are found in:

  • Two-speed gearboxes
  • Fax machines and photocopiers
  • Paper towel dispensers
  • Exercise machines
  • Converters
  • Trascendental Clutches
  • Anti return devices
  • RC Vehicles
  • Fishing reels
  • Motorcycles
  • Helicopters

One Way Clutch in automatic transmissions

The One-Way clutch is used in automatic transmissions to allow the transmission to shift smoothly when under load conditions.

One-Way Clutches used for automatic transmission are roller and wedge. The roller type is divided into flat type, logarithmic spiral type and eccentric cylindrical surface type. These roller one-way clutches are used in six speed and eight speed automatic transmissions.

For its part, the one-way wedge clutch does not use cylindrical rollers, but rather asymmetric figure-of-eight skids that allow rotation in only one direction, but when an opposite torque is applied, a wedging and binding action occurs.

The one-way clutch is used in automatic transmissions to allow the transmission to shift smoothly and to allow synchronized engagement of one clutch with disengagement of another.

Where to find clutches for automatic transmission?

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