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P0700 Code: Transmission Control System Malfunction

P0700 Code: Transmission Control System Malfunction

To a mechanic diagnosing the problem with a car, a P0700 code on their diagnostic computer signifies a problem with the transmission’s body valve.

The owner can detect this by the “Check engine” warning light, followed by the failsafe (or limp home) mode kicking in. Others are trouble with shifting gears, bad fuel economy, and engine stalling.

For those unaware, the transmission transfers power from the engine to the gears governing the wheels. It enables the gear ratio between the engine and the drive wheels to adjust their interface when the car speeds up or slows down.

Failure of the transmission will result in a car that cannot be put in gear or will not change gear. Most manufactures advise checking your transmission’s fluid once every month.

The problem associated with the P0700 code is commonly caused by a problem with one of four parts: the transmission solenoid failing, the transmission valve body wearing out, the transmission control module computer going bad, or an open or short in the wiring harness.

Even so, this is not the only problem is that these are a symptom of. Therefore, it is important to have a mechanic check the engine with a diagnostic computer when these symptoms become known. Because this code indicates a severe problem with the engine. In such a case, it is possible to either replace or rebuild the transmission.

There are, on the other hand, several other problems that can be mistaken for a bad transmission, these include: a faulty speed sensor, restricted airflow, low transmission fluid, a bad solenoid, a faulty temperature sensor.

This is why you should check your transmission fluid when advised, keep a careful eye on your engine warning light, and have a diagnostic checkup once per year, or when you encounter a problem.

Because no less than any other part of your car, the transmission may seem like a minor problem, but can lead to dire, or expensive problems if neglected.

Most of all, it is important to have your car maintained by a highly trained and skilled professional mechanic, who will use only the best parts for your car; such as those transmission parts online to be found and purchased at the Sun Transmissions online store, like automatic transmission fluidautomatic transmission filtertransmission bushing kit, universal transmission cooler, and much more. If you have questions, or concerns reach out to us at, where we are ready and happy to assist you.
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