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P0868 Low transmission fluid pressure

P0868 OBD-II Trouble Code: Transmission Fluid Pressure Low

Another warning signal on your dash.  That can’t be good.  Time for an OBD diagnosis.

What your vehicle’s telling you this time is a P0868 code.  That means your transmission fluid pressure is low.  And that can cause real problems, because the fluid is what lubricates and cools your transmission system.

What Causes a P0868 Code?

There may be several things going on.  You may have a problem with your pressure sensor.  There may be damaged wiring or connectors.  Or, you might have a leak, dirty fluid, a faulty Powertrain Control Module (PCM), or a failure in your pressure pump.  The bottom line is that your transmission’s not working well, leading to severe damage if not fixed immediately.  Your vehicle needs a diagnostic.

Symptoms of a P0868 Code

You may notice some problems even before your light comes on.  Your gears may slip or not shift at all, you may have some overheating, in which case you may smell burning or even see smoke.  And until the code is resolved, your vehicle may lock into a failsafe or emergency mode, or even worse, fatal transmission damage can occur.  Nobody wants to hear that their automobile has a “fatal” anything.

How is a P0868 Diagnosed?

There’s only one way to see what the problem is.  A proper OBD-II diagnosis is necessary to determine  what’s going on.  Otherwise, even though you suspect a transmission problem, you won’t know exactly what it is, and any attempted repairs may not address the actual problem.   That’s a common mistake a lot of mechanics make—they “guess” at the likely cause.  But that can be a very costly outcome for you if they’re wrong.

How is the P0868 Code Repaired?

Hopefully, it’s an easy solution, such as repairing a leak, replacing a sensor or pump, or installing new wiring or connectors.  Your PCM could also be faulty and needs to be replaced.   At best, your system just needs to be flushed and filled up with clean fluid.  But if the transmission itself is damaged, it may have to be replaced or rebuilt.  In any case, the cost and repair time depends on the exact type of malfunction.  In the meantime, the vehicle should not be driven until a proper diagnosis is made and repairs are complete.

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