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P0715 OBD:11 Trouble Code: What Does it Mean?

P0715 OBD:11 Trouble Code: What Does it Mean?

The beauty of having a car with an automatic transmission is that you don’t have to think about how the gears are shifting—they just shift. 

But transmissions are complex mechanisms and sometimes a “minor”  part like a malfunctioning speed sensor can derail everything.  When you see a 0715 code, that may be what’s happening.

But, What is the Speed Sensor?

Your car’s  turbine speed sensor isn’t a speed monitor—it’s an integral part of how an automatic transmission works.  Actually, it’s a regulator.   

The messages that it sends to the turbine—the device that works alongside the torque converter that spins the transmission accordingly—help transform the raw energy of the engine into the number of revolutions appropriate for each gear.   

And if the sensor sends the wrong signals, you’re in for a rough ride and maybe even bigger problems.

What does a malfunction of this sensor feel like?

Your speed sensor, which is usually attached to the front of the transmission case near the torque converter, isn’t very big, but you’ll sure notice it if it isn’t working correctly.   

The automatic gear shifts will be jerky, your fuel economy will suffer, and, in some vehicles, a “fail safe” may be triggered, which means components will shut down to prevent further damage. 

Ideally, the check engine light will come on before it gets too bad, but don’t wait for it—stop driving and check it out ASAP:  A badly shifting transmission is a driving hazard, and you’re also risking major transmission damage.

Finding Solutions

The P0715 code means that your sensor isn’t sending the right signals, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the sensor itself is malfunctioning.  The specific cause of the difficulty can be a number of things, including:

  • A problem with other transmission parts, such as the torque converter
  • Dirty transmission fluid that’s distorting the sensor’s functioning
  • Wiring, circuit, or other type of electrical problem
  • A communication problem with the Transmission Control Module (TCM)
  • Major transmission failure (the worst-case scenario)

With proper maintenance and a little luck, you’ll never have these, or any kind, of transmission problems, but if you do, let the experts at Sun Transmissions get you the right parts and supplies to fix them. 

We also invite you to browse our blog, where you will find all kinds of useful information about your transmission, its operation and spare parts, such as transmission control system malfunction, and much more.


From gaskets to rebuild kits, solenoid valves, and more, Sun Transmissions has every conceivable item you’ll ever need for your transmission or power steering.  In our transmission parts store, we carry only the highest quality lines, such as Transtec, Raybestos, Allomatic, Sonnax, and more.  Give us holler today!


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