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The P0849 Trouble Code

The P0849 Trouble Code: What It Could Mean for Your Vehicle

Nobody likes to see an engine warning light appear on their dashboard.  That message can mean real trouble.  If you’re seeing a “check engine” message, it’s time to have your vehicle checked immediately by a mechanic who can use your car’s On-Board Diagnostic System (OBD-II) to see exactly what the problem is.

One of the messages your OBD might show is “P0849”.  You may see this if your car was manufactured after 1996; it’s common in Fords, Chevrolets, Toyotas, Hondas, and other makes.

It means that there is a potentially serious problem with your transmission.  A number of issues can trigger a P0849 code, including:

  • Low, dirty, or contaminated transmission fluid.
  • An electrical short in the sensors or in the solenoid (a wire that carries electrical currents).
  • A malfunction in the powertrain control module (PCM).
  • Obstruction within the hydraulic lines in the transmission.
  • Mechanical failure of internal transmission parts.

Other Warning Signs

Transmission problems triggering a P0849 may also show up in the way your vehicle drives.  For example, you may notice a change in shift quality, a loss of shiftability, clutch disengagement, a slipping transmission, or an increase in fuel consumption. If your vehicle  starts in second or third gear, that’s a sign, too.  If you notice any of these problems, even if your warning light hasn’t come on, something may be seriously wrong with your transmission.

What are Common Mistakes Diagnosing a P0849 Code?

A proper diagnostic is essential in determining why a diagnostic might show a P0849.   The problem might be an electrical issue related to the transmission that is sending the warning.  It may simply be that your vehicle is overdue for routine maintenance and you need a transmission flush and change.  The latter is easily corrected, but if ignored, can lead to serious problems.

Once properly diagnosed, the problem behind your P0849 code can be fixed.  If more than routine maintenance is required, the answer may be to replace parts such as sensors, pump, regulators, or even the electrical wiring within the transmission system.  The amount of repair time and cost varies depending on the specific problem.  In the meantime, it’s not a good idea to drive your car until a qualified mechanic has evaluated the situation.

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